This presentation is all about how to transform your sphere of influence into raving fans. Watch and learn how to build a strong online presence using the most popular social media platforms today, lay consistent touchpoints that keep you top of mind with prospects, and have your clients coming back to you as their realtor for life.

In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Expanding your sphere of influence
  • Organizing your database via a CRM
  • Building a brand that stands out with social media
  • Promoting your new business
  • Laying the right customer touchpoints
  • Making four personal contacts every year
  • Becoming a client’s realtor for life

01:02 Lessons learned after 37 years in real estate

03:43 What influence means

04:35 How to expand your sphere of influence and multiply your sales

08:50 Using a CRM to organize your business contacts

11:59 The “SAMM” formula for success in real estate

13:54 Creating a social media footprint

21:39 How to promote your business online

27:10 Using various social media channels to stay top of mind with prospects

48:18 Practical strategies for turning your sphere of influence into raving fans

1:09:56 Setting up a “Client for Life” dialogue

1:13:20 Why fan appreciation is critical when getting referral leads

1:17:03 The importance of celebrating every closing


  • When we’re working our sphere of influence, are we working to influence them for business or are we hoping that they influence others to bring business to us?
  • Anybody that you bring business to should be part of your sphere of influence.
  • Smaller farms, worked effectively, will wield bigger results.
  • Even if a lead goes awry—because it doesn’t always work out—let the referrer know that you appreciate it.
  • Treat every closing as if they just won the World Series.