This presentation is all about time management for real estate agents. Listen in and learn how to free your mind from the six common myths and misconceptions on productivity, and replace them with 20 tried and true best practices for getting more out of every day.

In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Overcoming common misconceptions about time management
  • Being more effective instead of being busier
  • Saving money along with saving time
  • Eliminating worry and stress
  • Getting two hours of work done in one hour
  • Prioritizing your family-related appointments
  • Doing things on your own terms while being respectful of others

01:00 Quotes to set the stage

03:00 How the average person spends 80 years of their life

04:20 Six myths about time management

11:02 Getting the important things done using “ABC time”

13:17 20 ways to stretch your day

53:43 Focusing on effectiveness, not busyness

55:00 Making and keeping appointments with your family

56:22 Doing your will instead of the will of others

56:54 Q&A


  • We’re always able to see what we can eliminate from our life. What we can’t see is what we’re going to add to our life.
  • Effective time management is not about getting more done in less time, but about getting fewer things done of greater importance.
  • It was the most relaxing time of my life when I resigned from being the General Manager of the universe.
  • Unless you put margins in your life, your life will bleed into the margins.
  • When in doubt, mumble. When in charge, ponder. When short of time, delegate.
  • Our goal should not only be about improving, but also to stay good at what we’re good at.