This presentation by top-producing real estate agent, Karen Quinn, is all about building an agent referral network to help your clients navigate the current “great migration” of many people out of California. Creating momentum in your business depends on your being seen as a “trusted advisor”—someone who others look to do business with again and again for the long-term. By making the effort to build family realtor relationships with every single one of your clients, you will never have a shortage of contacts who will happily go to you for help whenever a big, property-related decision has to be made. This is an incredibly important skill for any realtor to master during a time when many people are seeking to move out of California.

In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Growing your network exponentially, leading to countless future opportunities
  • Building family realtor relationships with your clients
  • Riding the wave of the “great migration” out of California
  • Lunching your way to a bigger network
  • Building a “tower of business” sequentially and intentionally
  • Referring clients to a potential family realtor

Download the PowerPoint presentation slides here

In this episode we discuss:

00:23 Transactional vs relational business building

06:54 Ten reasons why people are moving out of California

13:20 Two steps to help families transition out of California

16:16 Strategies for building your network of agents

25:48 Strategies for referring clients to the right agents in your network

26:47 A three-month campaign to help your clients move out of California


  • There are two ways to run our real estate business: We can either do it transactionally or we can do it relationally.
  • The sweet spot in our real estate business is being the family realtor.
  • It’s one thing to get a referral from Yelp if you want to know if someone has good tacos. It’s another thing to find a referral that you can trust to handle a big real estate purchase.
  • You don’t have to go around meeting totally new people at realtor events. You should start by dipping into the groups you’re already in and make good use of them.