In this keynote presentation from May 2020, Ed Wright details the emotional side of being in the real estate industry. He speaks about the importance of your attitude going into each day, rooting for others instead of comparing yourself to them, and resetting your mind for the next day. Eradicating negative self-talk and fostering positivity and optimism is essential for a happier, more fruitful life. Looking at every problem as an opportunity, being punctual, prepared, and not attached to the outcome can take you very far. Appreciating what we have, instead of what we don’t have, helps with stabilizing your mental and emotional states.

The mind can often go into a mode of creating catastrophic scenarios or exaggerating real life events, but it’s important to remember that these catastrophes often never even happen. Life isn’t as defeating as it sometimes may seem. Ed touches on lowering expectations of others to remain content and avoid disappointment. Then, he details the difference between good stress and bad stress, with emphasis on creating the right amount of good stress on yourself. Visualizing successful performance, relaxation, and believing in yourself are three ways to align yourself with and achieve your goals. Ed highly suggests reading The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, as it’s one of his 10 best reads.

“I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions, I want to use them, enjoy them, and then dominate them.” 

00:35 – Why do we experience stress in real estate?

03:18 – Intro to 10 ways to prepare yourself emotionally for this business

03:39 – 1. Statement of attitude

06:51 – 2. Bad days vs acting your way into a feeling

11:20 – 3. Importance of being a vertical thinker, not a horizontal thinker

13:17 – 4. The use of self-talk to our advantage

16:22 – 5. Being an optimist

20:44 – 6. Being on time and coming prepared

25:07 – 7. Riding the Emotional Elevator

28:41 – 8. Creating catastrophes that never happen

30:27 – 9. Lower your expectations

32:59 – 10. Learning how to create good stress

37:32 – Three ways to create good stress

38:50 – Outro + a favorite quote

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