This presentation is all about how to run your real estate business like an actual business. Expect to learn important skills that you may currently be lacking in your repertoire, how to strengthen your existing skills, and a step-by-step path to real estate success using the “SAMM” formula.

In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Avoiding the pitfalls that new agents face at the start of their careers
  • Having an unshakable attitude around your worth as a real estate agent
  • Setting the right business goals
  • Mapping out your success
  • Working on your business rather than in your business
  • Spotting endless business opportunities in your day-to-day life

00:52 The percentage of people who will fail within their first five years in real estate

02:09 Four reasons why people fail in real estate

07:14 Which of the two types of business are you?

09:17 Going into business is like going into battle

11:24 The “SAMM” formula for success in real estate

27:27 Your 2020 map to success

31:25 Five areas to master on your path to success

34:15 Rating yourself based on the “SAMM” formula to determine your probability for success

35:14 Work on your business; not in your business

36:16 Final thoughts

40:24 Real estate and relationships


  • Our business is getting tougher, not easier. The good news is, for those who are able to survive, they’ll find that things are better than ever.
  • The hardest time to sell is when you need the money.
  • The greatest thing about real estate is that we all have the same product. The difference is us. Success is based on us.
  • Real estate is harder than you think, takes longer to succeed in than you think, and is better than you can ever imagine.
  • Real estate was never what I did. Real estate is who I am.
  • Real estate is a contact sport, and it’s done best nose-to-nose and belly-to-belly.