Beau Beardslee shares his thoughts on open houses and how they have been effective in his own experience as a real estate agent. A U.S. Army veteran, Beau discusses how he took the principles of combat and applied them to the world of real estate.

In this presentation, Beau gives advice on: 

  • Overcoming negative self-talk as a real estate agent
  • Becoming a better real estate professional
  • Building rapport with potential clients
  • Creating a reputation and finding clients as a brand new agent
  • Preventing boredom during the mundane moments
  • Do’s and don’ts when hosting an open house

00:12 Introduction to Beau Beardslee

05:46 Why building a career in real estate starts with mindset

10:22 How to sell houses through building rapport in an appropriate, professional way

20:19 What is your open house?

31:20 No clients, no money, no problem

42:43 Things that you must not have at your open house

52:59 Things that you must have at your open house


  • In real estate, it all starts with mindset.
  • As a real estate professional, I’m more concerned about their goals than building fake rapport.
  • Don’t be a guest at your own open house, because your open house becomes your office.
  • Whether one person, or 125 come into my open house, it only takes one to get one sale per open house. That should be the goal.
  • Don’t start an interaction with a potential buyer by trying to be their friend. Build rapport through confidence, professionalism, and having a plan of action.
  • What’s the difference between a $300,000 contract and a $25,000,000 contract? Absolutely nothing. The RPA is exactly the same. Nothing changes. Do not be intimidated by anything in real estate.