This presentation is all about negotiating an offer for your client. Listen in and learn a variety of tactics whether you’re representing the seller or the buyer.

In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Why sellers have an advantage over buyers in most markets
  • Getting the best terms
  • Asking the right questions to your client
  • Using time to your advantage

01:10 Your main goal when you’re representing the seller versus representing the buyer

02:20 Introduction to seller negotiating tactics

02:27 Create a great relationship with the buyer’s agent

03:17 Offer a little bit more commission

04:27 Know the Residential Purpose Agreement

06:21 Know the comps

08:47 Always be honest to other agents with offers that are coming in

10:16 Gett an offer written in order to potentially boost your advantage in the negotiation

11:57 Work out the best terms

04:27 Know the Residential Purpose Agreement

14:02 Introduction to buyer negotiating tactics

14:18 Create a great relationship with the seller’s agent

15:12 Present the best offer by knowing everything you can about the property and the seller situation

18:32 Questions to ask the seller

20:08 Be open to discussing the comps with the seller’s agent

20:58 Give up on five minor points, get one major point

21:35 Time is of the essence when you represent a buyer

22:35 Make your offer as strong as you can

23:19 Submit a profile of the buyer

25:20 Final comments


  • We’re never looking to get them “a steal”. As realtors, we know that great houses don’t sell below the market. Our goal is to focus on getting the right house at a fair value.
  • If we do not create a great relationship with the buyer’s agent, that could be the difference in losing a great offer.
  • You cannot ever, ever, present a multiple counter offer unless you counter both offers.
  • It’s always to your client’s advantage for you to have a great relationship with the other agent.