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This presentation is all about geographic farming for success in real estate. Angie presents her tried-and-tested formula that, if followed consistently, will create repeatable results for any agent.

In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Knowing whether or not investing in geographic farming is the right decision for you
  • Making a great first impression with homeowners
  • Tips to boost your professionalism when doorknocking
  • Staying top of mind with prospects by regularly dropping in with a handout or promotional item
  • Using social media to target weekly ads to your geo farm
  • Why geo farming doesn’t have to be scary
  • Turning clients into raving fans that give you one referral every year

In this episode we discuss:

04:08 Should you invest in geographic farming?

06:10 Consistency and personal contact: Laying the proper foundation

08:15 First impressions are lasting

17:10 Personal contact through doorknocking

26:26 Consistency through handouts dropped by you every other week

28:47 Six promotional items a year

31:17 Major project ideas

34:34 Bi-weekly eNewsletter

36:45 Weekly ads through social media

38:14 Hold open houses in your farm

44:39 Overcoming fear when it comes to geo farming

51:37 Thank for referrals

54:28 Servicing the new buyer after the close of escrow

56:36 Servicing the seller after the close of escrow

58:03 Write out your plan and work your plan

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  • Geographic farming can be a really good thing if you’re new to the business without much of a social sphere because the relationships you build through geographic farming will eventually become your social sphere.
  • The cornerstone to the whole geographic farming program is consistency and personal contact.
  • When you’re out doorknocking, don’t talk real estate unless they bring it up first.
  • We are the best we’ve ever been; but I know that, next year, we’ll be even better, because we’re always looking for ways to improve every year.
  • You’re really looking not only for the business in the farm but, even better, the referrals.
  • When you’re giving, it does come back.
  • At the end of the day, I know this formula works, if it’s worked.