This presentation is all about preparing for the real estate buyer consultation. This is an area most agents tend to neglect. Many consider it standard to do a listing consultation, but few actually do a presentation for the buyer. Today we discuss how a pre-planned and thorough buyer consultation can help forge a deeper connection with buyers from the very beginning of the sales process. We also provide a tried-and-tested template that you can use today to put together your own buyer presentation.

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In this presentation, you will get advice on: 

  • Why take the time to create buyer presentation
  • Priming your client’s buying philosophy
  • Helping your buyer feel secure in their choice of property
  • Guiding your buyer through the escrow process
  • Getting your buyer to choose you as their realtor for life

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01:35 Introduction: The power of a well-executed buyer presentation

07:41 Buyer consultation

08:11 Agent name and photo

09:30 My team

10:15 Aviara

11:48 Your pathway to home ownership

12:43 The journey begins with getting prequalified

17:14 Cautionary reminder

18:06 Developing a buying philosophy

22:19 Price, amenities, area

23:30 Your home search

25:25 Choose how you house hunt

26:38 Now the fun starts… Looking for your perfect home

27:53 Tips on how to look at property

29:00 Open house anti-harassment card

31:25 Making an offer

36:56 Pre-approval letter

38:31 Verification of funds

39:03 Buyer profile letter

40:32 Seller response to an offer

41:18 Offer accepted. Now it’s onto escrow.

41:30 My transaction coordinator

43:02 Good faith deposit

43:23 Presiding over the details

44:17 Request for repairs

44:28 Contingency period

44:44 Final walkthrough & clear to close

45:24 One special home

46:17 My goal is to become your realtor for life!

48:12 Questions